Our English Skills Study Program will cover all primary skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking, grammar, and pronunciation. And because how you act is as important as what you say, we include culture and customs training as well, including situation-specific lessons such as restaurants, job interviews, and meeting people.

English Skills programs are available in all levels and are taught by fun, energetic, and highly trained instructors. These classes will help prepare you for the real world: daily life, work or school.

Most students will complete 1 level every 12 weeks of study, and there are 5 levels. However, as all learners differ in ability, level-up tests will be conducted with approval from the Academic Coordinator.

English Skills programs are offered intensive (25 contact hours per week), full-time (15 contact hours per week), and part-time (10 contact hours per week) with guided after-school study. You may wish to combine this program with Art or Adventure Study.

Intake into our English Skills Study Program is every Monday, subject to availability. 


Price per week (CAD)

25 lessons hours/week
15 lessons hours/week
10 lessons hours/week
1-24 $350.00 $250.00 $200.00
25-50+ $300.00 $250.00 $200.00

One–Time Fees

  • $100.00 Application Fee
  • $150.00 Books & Resources per semester (12 weeks - Intensive)
    TOTAL: $250.00

NOTE: Program lesson hours are 55 minutes in length. Extra Booster Lessons available to ESSP students for additional $10/hour.