PostGraduate diploma Program
Full-time study
43 weeks


Social Entrepreneur: Andre Viel

Entrepreneurship is exploding on the world stage at the speed of light. Social entrepreneurship is about solving a problem that will make a positive societal impact in your community and beyond. Through the advancement of technology and innovation, individuals can make a difference in the lives of others and make a profit.  

Social Entrepreneur: Larissa Flanagan

Individuals enrolled in the Social Entrepreneurship postgraduate program will gain business skills and tools that are fundamental for operating a successful social enterprise. They will establish the business, using technical training on appropriate use of design and web based tools. These include the visual presentation tools necessary for effective communication, social media marketing methods, Customer Relationship Management systems,  and financial control tools.

Students become start-ups by developing a well-researched business plan that will create sustainable value.  They will fund their enterprise with investment partners and develop a valuable network of business and professional entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their communities.

Social Entrepreneur: PAUL BRETT NISSEN

After completing this program, start-ups will have the knowledge and skills to launch a social enterprise, partner with another entrepreneur or work for a larger organization to develop social capital and understanding.


  • Business Skills

  • DESIGN Tools

  • Experiential Process

  • Marketing Methods

  • Business Analytics

  • Presentation, CRM and other tools