The Business English Program (BEP) is for those who want to improve their professional English. We will guide you through all the skills, culture and etiquette when conducting business in English. Business writing, professional vocabulary, and public speaking are just some of the skills included in the course. Course content offers flexibility to include some industry-specific lessons.

Customized Corporate English/French Programs are available upon request. Your company or organization can hire us to design you an English or French program meant specifically for your employees, management, or clients. Program content, scope and schedule may be customized to adhere to specific needs of the company or students. This includes such material as company-specific protocols, policies, and politically correct language. Core skills include any combination of reading, writing, speaking, listening, culture & etiquette. Prices vary depending upon student numbers and program duration. Worksite-located class options are available.


One–Time Fees

  • $200.00 Application Fee

  • $150.00 Books & Resources per semester

    TOTAL: $350.00

NOTE: Program lesson-hours are 55 minutes in length.

All students must prove English ability of ESSP Level 3 or higher to register for this program.