Because McKenzie College is a Global Partner of The University of West of England (UWE), we offer graduates the opportunity to complete a degree through an Articulation Agreement with the UWE in Bristol, UK. This agreement gives students the choice to pursue further education at the university level in UWE’s three-year degree program.

Students who complete and graduate from specific programs at McKenzie College have the opportunity to submit a portfolio of work and be permitted to enter directly into year two of the following UWE degree programs:

This partnership gives McKenzie graduates the opportunity to pursue a degree at a well-established, international post-secondary educational institution, where they can expand their design skills, while residing near the largest design centres in the world such as London, Paris and Milan.

From its origins in 1595, UWE evolved into the Royal West of England Academy which included the Bristol School of Practical Art in 1853. UWE is now one of Britain’s most popular universities with nearly 30,000 students and more than 3,000 staff. UWE works closely with business and industry to ensure both teaching and research have direct relevance to society and the environment, and every individual has a valued role within UWE’s diverse and welcoming community.

Start your journey at McKenzie College and embrace the opportunities at UWE.