diploma Program
Full-time study
43 weeks


*Note: Visual Arts Foundation program is a pre-requisite for this program. Some exemptions may apply.

Skilled designers are sharp and imaginative thinkers who are able to see the world from various points of view. With that, they employ creative methods and critical thinking to design a product that inspires a particular audience toward a desired objective. A designer’s goal is often to create a visual solution for a marketing or advertising purpose, to inform and persuade through visuals.

The Graphic Design program concentrates on rigorous evaluation of how effective design is created. This involves learning the fundamentals of Graphic Design while practicing the most relevant, technical skills associated with each project our students complete. 

This diploma program provides students with a strong foundation in visual communication, design principles, as well as, professional business skills. Students are assigned a wide assortment of design projects that are common to the various industries they will work in after graduation.

They will also have the opportunity to acquire real world knowledge by being immersed in an internship with an advertising agency, printing house, production company or another related entity within the region.


  • commercial design

  • Page/Book layoutS





  • ART/CReative DIRECTion

  • MUCH MORE...


  • Design principles & culture

  • Colour for digital purposes

  • Intro to typography & grids

  • The business of design

  • Branding design Principles

  • Print Layout & PRODUCTION Fundamentals

  • Design for online marketing

  • Design for web & Mobile

  • Intro to motion graphics

  • Portfolio & exhibit development

  • Internship Opportunities

From our graduates

This program prepared me by teaching the necessary skills to perform well in my field.
The small classes allowed for one-on-one time with instructors which encouraged progress and productivity within the class. This program showed me how to be a critical thinker, problem solver, and designer.
— Chelsea Coppel, Class of 2015
Confidence, I think, is the most important quality you can have as a designer, and it’s something I was able to acquire while studying at McKenzie College. When you’re handling large contracts in the technology world, you need to be authoritative with your vision, and authority can only come from a place of confidence. If it weren’t for McKenzie and especially my instructor, I would never have gained the confidence I needed to land and keep such an amazing job.
— Skylar Richard, Graphic Design, Class of 2014

student work