Study Permits

A Canada Study Permit may be required for international students to study here in Canada. Applicants must include an official McKenzie College Letter of Acceptance in Study Permit applications.

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McKenzie College DLI# O19391275539

Language Centre DLI# O246774185777

Admission requirements for
International students

In addition to the the regular admission requirements, International Students must also submit:

1. Copy of valid Passport

Must include photograph, name, country of origin, expiry date.

2. Proof of English proficiency

If applicant is not applying for an English Language program at McKenzie College, a copy of English proficiency test results or English language school transcripts are required.

3. Valid Canada Study Permit

After acceptance, we require a COPY OF VALID CANADA STUDY PERMIT for proof of accepted entry to Canada.

4. Seat reservation fee - $500

For international students a seat reservation fee for Language Programs and Regular College Programs is $500 (non-refundable). These fees will be deducted from tuition costs.

We accept payments through COHORT GO.

Tuition policy for
International students

The policies and criteria of McKenzie College are the same for all international students. A Canada study permit is required for an international student to study here in Canada. Before the permit application can be processed, the student must apply to McKenzie College, be accepted and receive an official McKenzie College Acceptance Letter. However, to receive the acceptance letter from McKenzie College, the application fee and the seat reservation fee must be included.

Refund policy on tuition payments

If you do not obtain the required study permit and are unable to attend McKenzie College, the tuition costs previously paid (excluding the application fee and seat reservation fee) will be fully refunded.

Language requirements

Click here to view the English language requirements to enter a McKenzie College program.