Post-graduate diploma program
Full-time study
43 weeks

PLEASE NOTE: this program is not available at this time.

Social Entrepreneur: Andre Viel

Entrepreneurship is an increasingly popular career choice and business model. Social entrepreneurship tackles issues that can make a positive societal or environmental impact in your community. Through the creative use of technology and innovation, individuals can make a difference in the lives of others while still operating a profitable business.

Social Entrepreneur: Larissa Flanagan

Those enrolled in the Social Entrepreneurship Program gain practical business skills and tools fundamental to operating a successful social enterprise. While establishing a business, they are learning about the latest technologies in digital marketing, appropriate use of design, web-based tools, effective communication, social media marketing strategies, web design, Customer Relationship Management systems and financial control tools.

Students become Social Entrepreneurs by developing well-researched business plans that will create sustainable value. They will fund their enterprises with investment partners and develop a valuable network of business and professional entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their communities.


After completing this program, Social Entrepreneurs will have the knowledge and skills to launch a social enterprise, partner with other entrepreneurs or work for a larger organization to develop social capital and understanding.

Areas of study

Socially responsible entrepreneurship
Business plans
Communication skills 
Digital marketing fundamentals
Technology development
Visual presentation skills
Social media marketing
Branding & design
Finance & accounting
Funding sources