Confidence, I think, is the most important quality you can have as a designer, and it’s something I was able to acquire while studying at McKenzie College. When you’re handling large contracts in the technology world, you need to be authoritative with your vision, and authority can only come from a place of confidence. If it weren’t for McKenzie and especially my instructor, I would never have gained the confidence I needed to land and keep such an amazing job.
— Skylar Richard, Graphic Design, Class of 2014

After attending the Graphic Design program at Mckenzie College, I acquired a Junior Designer position at Ginger Design - a design firm located in Fredericton, NB, which focuses on community and local design. The classes at McKenzie helped prepare me for what to expect in the real world and gave me the skill set that I needed to know how to begin my career. There certainly is a learning curve in anything you do, and the best piece of advice I can give to aspiring designers is to battle through the tough times and keep moving forward, because there is nothing better than going to work and doing what you love every day.
— Chelsea Coppel, Visual Arts Foundation & Graphic Design, Class of 2015

McKenzie College helped me build a strong visual portfolio that enabled me to apply to prestigious and competitive programs such as Laval’s Bachelor of Arts and Sciences of Animation. The first and most important stepping stone in my career path has been firmly established thanks to the Visual Arts Foundation program.
— Vincent Rochette, Visual Arts Foundation, Class of 2016

In the classroom, my instructor effectively communicated to a varying range of students who were at many different stages in their lives and who required individualized instruction depending on their present and previous life experiences. In addition to teaching the technical skills required, the strength of my instructor shined in inspiring the students to ‘think’ like designers! The curriculum uniquely presents a format beginning with the history of design, the evolution of design, and up to the present day trends and applications of design. The instructor’s ability to co-ordinate real-time opportunities for students to work and learn within the community provides them with actual experience within the graphic design field and possibilities for future employment.
— Colleen Shannon, Graphic Design, Class of 2014

I have spent 8 weeks and after 2 weeks I could feel a large improvement. I am now confident in my linguistic abilities. Great teachers and great atmosphere with other students. I will highly recommend this language centre!
— Pauline Falque, France

I’m a Graphic Designer and an Advertising Photographer. I came from Chile to expand my knowledge and my family horizons. The Language Centre at McKenzie College gave me the solution, confidence, and motivation for continuing my dreams. I felt recharged and happy after every class, more secure and proud of my learning progress. Thank you McKenzie College, for your patience and commitment with me.
— Mauricio Collao, English Skills Study, Class of 2014

I’ve spent a great time with good teachers and made nice friends! I’ve improved my pronunciation and enjoyed the atmosphere here.
— Tuyet Nguyen, Vietnam

Hi, my name is Sumin. I’m from Korea. I learned English at McKenzie for 60 weeks. Actually I couldn’t speak English when I came to Canada, however, I’ve improved a lot! I think I was shy, nervous at that time. I’m sure that McKenzie has good teachers and programs.

If you want to study English, you would take their programs. I guarantee it to be good for you. You will never regret to spend your time and money. They have not only good qualities but also lovely staff. All of the people are very kind, have beautiful hearts.

Sometimes I was depressed, I felt homesick, missed home and family, they became my family and my friends. I deeply appreciate their help and kindness. I will miss you guys, take care and let’s keep in touch! I love you.
— Sumin Lee, South Korea

I really enjoyed my time at McKenzie College. Great teachers, lessons and students! I Learned a lot during the four weeks I spent there.
— Ásvør Niclasen, Faroe Islands

I studied at The Language Centre and I feel like I have accomplished something meaningful. It was not always about teaching and learning; it is about sharing experiences and being friendly to each other. With amazing teachers and supportive classmates, I enjoyed my time while learning English.
— Quang Huynh, English Skills Study, Class of 2015