The most flexible English lessons available: schedule, intensity, duration, and skills focus are tailored to your specific needs. You study one-on-one with your instructor, focusing on exactly what you need to learn. VIP Lessons are perfect for busy people, or those with very specific English language goals. VIP Lessons are available as stand-alone bundles, or in combination with other programs. At home or web-based lessons are available. 


$40 per hour (CAD)
$70 per hour (CAD)

One–Time Fees

  • $200.00 Application Fee
  • Books & Resources vary by program

NOTE: Skills focus can be tailored to the student's specific needs.  Students may be required to purchase books to suit individual classroom needs.  These will be assessed by the designated instructor, and approved by the Language Centre Coordinator.  At home or web-based lessons are available, and specialty subject focus can be arranged for a fee.  VIP lesson-hours are 55 minutes. Contact us for details.