Can I work on paid projects as a freelancer while in school?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it! Providing it doesn't interfere with your regular program projects and class time, we love to see our students making industry contacts and working on real projects. Because you will have the necessary tools and licensed software at program start, you can complete projects for clients during the school year. We often have companies contact us looking to hire students for projects throughout the year.

Do I have to provide my own camera for the Photography Media Arts program?

Yes, you are required to possess a camera on day one of the program. If you need help finding a new or used camera that meets the required specifications, we are certainly willing to help you do so. Simply contact our admissions department at 506-384-6460 x104 or

Does the programs allow time for me to work part-time?

Yes. We understand that you may need to work part-time while attending McKenzie College. Therefore, our classes are geared more towards a daily work schedule - from Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm. From time-to-time, you will be required to work on class projects after school hours but most work is done during class hours, freeing up most evenings and weekends for you.

Am I required to complete the Visual Arts Foundation certificate program before entering other McKenzie College programs? If so, why?

If your intent is to complete a 2nd-year diploma program in Graphic Design or Video Game Art, you are required to successfully complete the 1st year Visual Arts Foundation program before entering your 2nd year of concentration. The foundation year teaches our students fundamental art skills and techniques that are carried on through many creative career paths. With this foundation, each student is better equipped and skilled in their 2nd-year diploma program, in turn, are better artists and designers once graduated.

Exceptions to this requirement are made if the applicant already has a diploma or degree in visual or fine arts from another institution, OR has submitted an exceptional visual art portfolio.

How many students does McKenzie College accept each year?

Depending on program seat availability and scheduling, the student population slightly fluctuates, averaging about 100 students per year. Although McKenzie receives many more applications, we only select applicants that have the potential we look for, a drive to succeed, and will be a good fit for our school.

If I am still in High School, do I have to wait to graduate before applying?

Proof of High School graduation or equivalency is required before you can attend McKenzie College. However, we encourage early application submissions to ensure your seat is reserved in your desired program. If completed applications are submitted before graduation, early acceptance may be granted contingent on successful graduation at a later time.